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Puri Anyar Heritage

Puri Anyar Heritage is a palatial Balinese Palace compound (Puri) and the residential home to a branch of Ubud’s revered Royal Family. Based in the centre of Ubud and within the historic Ubud Royal Palace precinct, the family have graciously opened their doors to travelers who are keen to experience Bali’s rich cultural heritage. Family members still reside within the complex and invite guests to experience a unique homestay in their historic buildings and beautifully maintained traditional Balinese gardens. A quiet haven set far back from the busy shopping and restaurant precinct of central Ubud, Puri Anyar provides a peaceful oasis amidst this most convenient location.

A range of unique activities are offered through our cultural classes and programs for all ages and interests to provide you the opportunity to interact with Royal Family members and their staff as you join them in their daily routines. You will learn how to prepare the daily offerings used for blessings at the family temple and around the statues, gardens and buildings. Join in traditional Balinese dance practice as you learn about the complex meanings behind hand movements and the highly decorated costumes worn at ceremonial dances.


You may also enjoy playing unique musical instruments and learning more about the long history of Gamelan music at a practice session. Learn about the mysterious Lontar palm leaf manuscripts which store the historic and sacred information passed down to this branch of the Royal Family. If you enjoy photography, Puri Anyar Heritage is the perfect backdrop to capture your memories as you explore the finer details of our traditional historic architecture, statues and gardens and interact with our family in their daily life. We also provide a range of curated tours and authentic Balinese outings further afield with our trusted guides and staff.

Collaborating with the not for profit Mirah Delima Institute and traditional Balinese Yoga and Healer Masters, Puri Anyar Heritage has an onsite meditation and healing room (the Anyar Pavilion), should you wish to embark on a journey of self-healing and a happier, more relaxed lifestyle.

We offer traditional Balinese healing, mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation, and a wholistic approach to emotional and spiritual well-being. There are a range of classes, consultations and journeys available with advance notice.

Staying at Puri Anyar Heritage offers the holiday of a lifetime. We at Puri Anyar are waiting to share our world to ensure your Balinese journey is beyond anything you have previously experienced or imagined. Please join us.

Accommodation & Rooms

Guest accommodation within the Puri Anyar Heritage royal compound extends to a collection of eight traditional pavilions. Each unit has been designed and positioned to follow the spatial proportions of Balinese architecture, which is tied to the cosmology of the Hindu universe.

Agni Room

From: IDR 750.000,00Night

Located at the far end of the compound, the Agni room is our most spacious room,...

Bayu Room

From: IDR 750.000,00Night

With a blend of classic Balinese design and modern comfort, the Bayu room is designed for...

Candra Room

From: IDR 750.000,00Night

The Candra and Surya rooms are both in the same two story building placed at the...

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